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Welcome to Fleinvær!


16th of March, 2018: All dates for the SeaFeasts arranged in 2018 have been announced. Click here for details.

June 30th, 2012: review of our seafood selection and goals in Avisa Nordland (local paper) [in Norwegian]!


Fleinvær consists of about 365 isles and is part of Gildeskål council in the Nordland region of Norway. Passenger catamaran connections from Bodø take about 35 minutes with two regular stops within Fleinvær; Mevær and Sørvær.

There is a permanent population of about 30 people in Fleinvær living on 6 main islands. The main sources of income for the families living here are fishing and some sheep.
The total number of citizens increase many times over during the summer months (in particular if the weather is nice!) due to a large number of seasonal residents and visitors.

Primary and secondary schools are present, as is a small fish hall where the catches of the day are received. The total number of houses is about 50.

Fleinvær has been settled for more than 5000 years as this community escaped the last iceage - the glaciers didn't cover these islands.