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Heated dishes
Chilled dishes
Fish Soup Cooked Pollock (cold) Potato Salad
Traditional Steak of Whale Cooked Salmon (cold) Vegetable Salad
Boknafisk Cooked Halibut (cold) Cucumber Salad
Salted Red Pollock Pickled Mackerel Shredded/cut uncooked vegetables
Salted Heads of Halibut Cummin Marinated Halibut Chicory with gralic dressing
Salted Heads of Redfish Atlantic Lobster au naturel Garlic marinated tomatoes
Freshly Salted Redfish Red King Crab Shrimps in Oystersauce
Freshly Salted Cod Crab au naturel Shellfish salad
Pan Fried Heads of Cod Crab Claws Stewed Carrots
Pan Fried Cheeks of Cod Fresh Shrimp Pan Fried Bacon
Pan Fried Tongues of Cod Fresh Water Cray Fish Roasted Onions
Pan Fried Salmon Mussels au naturel Scrambled Eggs

Pan Fried Pollock

Smoked Salmon Gravlaxsauce
Pan Fried Small Pollock Gravlax Sour Cream
Pan Fried Trout "Archipelago Salmon" Mayonnaise
Pan Fried Mackerel Saithe in Oil Remoulade
Pan Fried Red Fish Smoked Greenland Halibut Aioli
Fish Gratin Smoked Mackerel A selection of Dressings
Stewed Horse Mussel Peppered Mackerel A selection of Sauces
Cooked Dry Cod Cooked Cod Roe (cold) Butter
Fishcakes Capelin in Oil Brown Bread
  Seagull eggs White Bread
  Tapas with Shrimps Margarine
  Tapas with Cod Roe
  Herring, cured
  Spiced Herring
  Sour Cream Herring
  Tomatoe Herring
  Mustard Herring
  Pepper Herring
  Pickled Herring
  Spiced Herring au naturel
  "Mansion Herring"
  West Coast Herring
Jelly with Custard
Chocolate Pudding with Custard


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